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How I can support you

Rise and Thrive

Experience the authentic leadership and life you know is possible

  • You’re a high achieving  professional, but you yearn for more.

  • You are working harder than ever but feel you are not getting enough done.

  • You lack the confidence to speak up, stand up, or rise effectively into your most purposeful life.

  • You want to take the next step towards living the life you are craving, but don’t know what to do first.

  • You’re overwhelmed, burned out, and feeling alone...being an effective and authentic leader feels like a dream.

How many times have you held yourself back from living, working, or playing bigger?
  • Ready to reach your fill potential?

  • Transform your leadership style? 

  • Build your confidence? 

  • Feel more fulfilled in life and work? 


I offer a variety of services to help you live, work, and lead from a place of purpose, authenticity, and strength.

Authentic Leadership Coaching for Professionals Who Want and Deserve More

Embrace who you are and share your gifts with the world.


At the core of the coaching relationship is trust. Through coaching, I provide a safe space for open and frank discussions on where you are now, who you want to be, and what you really want. The client is always in control of what we work on and how deep they want to go.


As we work together, we will strive to find strength in vulnerability and always share openly and honestly. There are no judgments. Sometimes this is the toughest work of all to commit to, but it can yield incredible outcomes.


I take a whole life approach to our work together. While you may initially be seeking support and guidance in your professional sphere, we will always look at (and dive into!) how you are showing up in your own life.

Let’s Connect

Coaching is all about developing a strong relationship built on trust and the combined desire and pursuit of achieving your goals. Fit is key. All my programs begin with a complimentary consultation where we explore what you're hoping to get out of working together, and you get a snapshot of what coaching with me would be like. I look forward to learning more about you, so please reach out to schedule a time for us to connect.


My biggest challenge was self-esteem, both at work but also in life in general. The coaching sessions helped me to talk differently to myself and believe in my own abilities. I have seen a big change in my career but also my life choices because of it. 

It was helpful to have someone hold a mirror up and show that small changes can make a huge difference. You also taught me how to set my boundaries and how to become a well-respected colleague. I didn’t think I'd see changes so rapidly, but I did, which was absolutely wonderful. I really felt supported when I was overwhelmed from work and personal issues. You were just there for me which was heartwarming.  I'd also say you have both feet on the ground and a healthy sense of humor, which is important in a coaching relationship as it lightens things up. 


From Germany

I started coaching with Julie as I was assessing career options at my current employer, considering possible internal career paths and options that will align my personal and organizational priorities.  Julie was supportive, radically candid, and provided healthy debate to my decision making. In addition, we worked on best methods of articulating my strengths based on different roles I was exploring. Being a gifted listener, Julie’s empathy, and ability to focus on my goals and to distil what she heard into valuable, credible insight was a priceless asset in our coaching conversations.  This is a unique ability that distinguishes her from all other coaches.


From Nairobi, Kenya

I recently experienced a great loss with the end of a relationship.  As I went through the process of grief, I noticed that I was beginning to experience a myriad of confusing emotions.  While I was making great progress with coming to terms with the end of the relationship... I was not able to overcome the depth of grief.  Julie provided me with the opportunity to go inward and view my emotional baggage from a different perspective.  I highly recommend Julies coaching for anyone in need of examining where they are in their personal lives, visualize what they want to achieve and positively reflect and update their own self-worth beliefs.


From Tacoma, USA

I was struggling to plan for a life change from earning a paycheck to starting a company. The coaching relationship was very helpful to take big problems and break them down to bite-size actions that helps you both analyze your problem but also digest a solution that is amenable to the way you perceive the actual issue. Having a framework to guide me through both the rationale and the emotional elements were very helpful. The most significant result was to reach a sense of "calm" regarding my anxiety relative to how life actually plays out. I discovered that my limit wasn't my limit.


From Germany

What does it take to lead Authentically?

In today’s corporate culture, your true light is what will make you stand out

In my 20+ years working internationally as a leader, I found I was far more effective - and happier - as a leader and a woman, when I led from a place of authenticity. 

Get your free guide

“Leading With Authenticity,”

that provides tools that can empower you to lead with more authenticity.

Hi, I’m Julie Mac.

I empower passionate professionals to live life on purpose and choice by building the mindset, skills, and habits to become an authentic leader and lead the life they want and deserve.  

I am a Leadership and Life Coach committed to providing you with a safe, caring space where, together, we will discover what matters most to you in nurturing your authentic leadership skills and style and what it will take to bring that to life. I’m here to help. I support working professionals like you to discover and travel your own unique path to thriving in all aspects of your life.

I have a long and varied career being of service on the global stage as a humanitarian with the United Nations. Empowering others along the way has been a significant part of my life’s work. I can help you understand not only what’s holding you back, but what can move you forward with purpose and confidence.

Private 1:1 coaching

Individual coaching sessions help channel your precious energies into a commitment to results-oriented and focused action.

Lead With Authenticity

The Lead with Authenticity with Julie Mac is an empowered Facebook group where passionate professionals cultivate a deeper sense Authentic Leadership.

Group Coaching

Group coaching offers an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn from others through shared experiences.

Leadership Training and Speaking Engagements

Personalized leadership training and speaking engagements designed for your team to reach their highest potential and promote increased collaboration.

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