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It doesn’t have to be this way. You always have a choice.

Hi, I’m Julie MacDonald. 


As a former international humanitarian with the United Nations, over my 20+ year career, I have a deep understanding of the struggles international, professional leaders can have in their career and life, and the areas in which they may not have confidence to stand up for themselves, often feeling they lack control or choices. 

Time and again, I witnessed brilliant and capable professionals dim their light and talents because they simply did not feel they were “enough”. 


As a professional woman in a leadership role, I, too, felt all these things, but I also recognized the potential and possibilities before us as women in a global, professional world, especially when we work together. During my time at the UN, I worked closely with my colleagues- mentoring, coaching, and uplifting them to bust through the limiting self-beliefs holding them back, so they could break through and transform their careers and their lives.

Transformations are powerful.

In 2016, upon the sudden death of my husband, I was faced with new challenges- moving through grief, pain, and the uncertainty of what might come next. As I healed from this tragedy while also working in a high-achieving, fast-paced job, I felt my calling even more deeply- to help others feel supported and empowered to rise into their purpose and live more freely a life of their own choosing.

Forever changed, I knew there was no turning back.

I retired from UN work in 2020, turning my full attention to supporting professionals through coaching full-time, helping them stay connected to their authentic selves as they grow. As a Certified Professional Coach with an extensive background in maneuvering a complex workplace in many roles, I now work with professionals in a variety of global and corporate positions, helping them strengthen and amplify their voices in the workplace (and beyond), so that they can achieve their professional goals, create a rewarding career, and live a fulfilling prosperous life that they love.

Leadership and Life Coach

I can help you rise- and thrive. Let’s get started.

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