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How I can help you

Private 1:1 coaching

In the 1:1 setting, I support clients in discovering and aligning behaviors and mindset, so that you can truly rise and thrive in long-term success and happiness. Our work together includes the Energy Leadership Index, a proven tool to better understand the energy you bring to everyday situations and how you respond under stress as a basis for creating the change you are looking for. Individual coaching sessions help channel your precious energies into a commitment to results-oriented and focused action. Together, by discovering what really matters in both your leadership and in your life, you will gain the awareness and tools you need to understand your whole self, your impact on others, and how all of this contributes to your ability to meet (and crush) goals.

This group is for passionate professionals who desire to lead and live more authentically. We will focus on the mindset, habits, and skills to support you to lead effectively and authentically.


In this group we discuss how to live your most powerful and authentic life by exploring what is authentic leadership, what you really want, finding balance, mindset and confidence, and other related topics.

Lead With Authenticity

Group coaching is a facilitated process that brings leaders together to navigate challenges, all within a peer-supported space. Group coaching offers an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn from others through shared experiences and open your mind and heart to different perspectives. By leveraging the power and accountability of an aligned group, you will be uplifted to take action to resolve whatever is holding you back. As your guide, I hold the space for building continued trust and support, so that you grow confidently into new areas of leadership.

Group Coaching

Leadership Training and Speaking Engagements

Personalized leadership training and speaking engagements designed for your team to reach their highest potential and promote increased collaboration.A unique program can be designed based on the needs of your team to encourage collaboration, improved performance, and common ground. The Energy Leadership Index 360 provides a multidimensional perspective on leadership competencies that can serve as a basis for building your amazing team.  


I provide a variety of services  to best meet your needs. Coaching is all about developing a strong relationship built on trust and the combined desire and pursuit of achieving your goals. Fit is key. All my programs begin with a complimentary consultation where we explore what you're hoping to get out of working together, and you get a snapshot of what coaching with me would be like and how I can best support you.

 I look forward to learning more about you, so please reach out to schedule a time for us to connect.

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